Are open houses necessary?

Do open houses sell homes? No! They exist just so your Real Estate Agent can get new business, therefore they benefit real estate agents more than the property sellers. There are so many tools available online for buyers to get information about homes. Thanks to technology buyers have photos and even virtual home tours available to them. If a buyer is serious, they will make an appointment to see a property privately, therefore making an open house irrelevant.

Unfortunately, open houses can be dangerous for the agent and the seller. There are many stories out there of robbery and assault at open houses. Most importantly, statistics show very few people actually buy homes from coming to an open house. So in our opinion why take the risk? According to the National Association of Realtors, only 7% of buyers in 2018 bought a home through an open house READ HERE. The people who attend open houses are typically curious neighbors. Neighbors are just comparing your home to theirs to gage their own property value. The other types that attend are just open house hoppers living out their dreams of being on an HGTV show.