Do I need a pest inspection?

A pest inspection is when a licensed inspector checks out a house for a few different things. One of them is termites. Or sometimes maybe wood boring beetles. Pest inspectors check underneath the house to see if there are either termites in the soil which are called subterranean termites or active termites in the wood, which are worse. They also check around the house to see if there’s any wood fungus, rot or just general damage to the structure.

Pest inspectors break down the work needed in sections. Called section 1 and section 2. Section 1 stuff is things that should be probably repaired sooner rather than later. Section 2 is stuff that’s less pressing. Maybe it’s a damaged piece of wood on a rood eave eve or something minor like that. In a balanced market the seller will normally pay to fix section 1 items. And a really competitive market though sometimes sellers don’t bother doing the work and just leave it to the buyers to fight over themselves. And many buyers are more than fine doing their own pest work once they move in.

So do you need a pest inspection? Yeah it’s a really really good idea.