How’s the start to the 2022 market?

Really crazy hot. Too hot in this broker’s humble opinion.

Here’s proof… A recent home on Pond Ct. in Lafayette off of Reliez Valley was listed for 1.65M and sold for 300k over.

And Walnut Creek has really gone bananas… a 2000 sq ft home on Fenway was listed at 1.25M and sold for 1.58M. A 1660 sq ft home on Warwick in Northgate listed for 1.295 and sold for 1.710! If you’re doing the math at home, yes that’s 415k over asking.

So the question I always get is the market going to slow down? We don’t like to make predictions but we don’t see that it’s going to slow down or that much. Interest rates might rise but we don’t think it’s going to make much of a dent with the sheer number of buyers out there and the consistent lack of inventory.