Is spring the best time to sell?

The conventional wisdom says that you list your home in the spring. That’s because… well I guess that’s because that’s when everyone else is doing it?

But is that really the best time?

We’re not so sure. Especially in light of the past few years, we’ve learned that buyers are looking 365 days a year. Now that we are in the spring season we have a little bit more inventory but not much. Buyers are still fighting over each other.

But there’s one big caveat now, interest rates. They’ve gone up significantly just in the past few months. That has really limited to purchasing power of buyers or just knocked them out of the market completely.

So if you list your house in May it’s very possible you would get less for it than back in January when the market was going crazy, at least in the Bay Area.

Timing is very important. Regardless of what month or season it is, the timing of what’s happening in the market is most important. Don’t just look at the calendar and say “oh it’s spring I guess I’ll sell my house now”.