Projects to improve the value of your home

What are some affordable DIY projects that can get you the most money for your home?

We get this one a lot. In a sellers market some people think they don’t have to do anything in their house will sell, but that’s not true. There are some relatively affordable ways you can make sure your house looks good. And it doesn’t involve putting in a new kitchen.

The first one seems obvious…paint. If you’ve been in your house for a while, you probably have dinged up walls or grease marks. Giving your house a good once over might cost a few thousand dollars but you get that money back when you sell it.

Second one is carpet. These days home buyers are trending towards not wanting carpet. If you have carpet that’s OK. It just can’t be dirty and old. Spend a little money and put new carpeting in, even if the buyer wants to put hardwood floors in later at least your house looks a lot more presentable than one with stains everywhere.

The third is landscaping. This often just means putting in some mulch over the grass or sprucing up the front yard with some new flowers. This can go along way because it sends the message that you care. It’s the first impression buyers of your home.