The 3 biggest seller mistakes

When it comes time to sell, you need to do it right. But you can make a lot of easy mistakes, unintentionally of course. Seeking the help of a professional to help guide you may alleviate that stress and mistakes. From our experience, here are the top 3 biggest seller mistakes.

The first mistake sellers make is the price. Sellers typically want to price a home above market value so they have room to negotiate, however this doesn’t work because buyers won’t make offers on homes they feel are over priced. The the seller is forced to chase the market down and reduce the price, which is never a good sign and gives buyers all the leverage. You may end up getting less than market value in the end versus pricing it fair and correct the first time.

The second biggest mistake is preparation. Get some professional advice first on how to get your home in tip top shape. You’ll want to do some paint touch ups, improve the landscaping and other little things that can go a long way. This is such an important step we have a complete video tutorial HERE.

And the third biggest mistake is hiring a real estate professional that isn’t technologically savvy. In today’s market buyers want all the information, websites, pictures and video tours available to see homes virtually long before they step into an actual house. We just happen to be experts in preparing the virtual presentation of your home. See what we do HERE.

If you’re thinking about selling your home and want a free private consultation, just sent us a message.